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Stravaganzza is a dance company dedicated mainly to Latin rhythms and other dances, formed in 2010 by its directors and Fernando Alonso Ayelen Gauna dancers have trained in various disciplines such as ballet, contemporary, Afro-Cuban, acrobatics and hip hop among other.

Aimed at all types of events, business, conferences, nightclubs, television, advertising. If you are looking for a staff of dancers of different styles and different looks here you have it.


We have a wide range of shows, women choreography, choreography shows men or couples.

We offer different genres within dance such as hip hop, jazz, salsa, bachta, tango, funk, samba and fusion styles.

The shows can be molded to the theme of the event.


If you want your event, club or party people have fun and dancing all night, you can count on a high repertoire of animations for everyone with the best animators of Madrid.

Fernando & Ayelén 2013
Designed by Gonzalo Moledo @AJF Soft 2013